About Me

I'm not special. I don't mean that in a self-deprecating way; rather, I mean that I'm just a regular guy who makes his paycheck writing code. I didn't go to Harvard or Yale to study computer science... as a matter of fact, my bachelor's degree is in Education of all things (though I have a Master's in Software Engineering). What I do have is 10 years of experience working on projects of all different sizes and types, for organizations of all different sizes and types. That must count for something, right?

About this Blog

I didn't create this blog to get millions of pageviews, big advertising dollars, and a bunch of Twitter groupies hanging off my every word. I'm not saying those things wouldn't be nice; they're just not the reasons why I made the blog. The point of this blog is to be a reference for beginner-ish level programmers as well as students of software engineering and computer science who need a somewhat non-academic explanation of things like Design Patterns, or who just need some code to help them get started. It is by no means a thorough resource for any topic.