December 21, 2009

The Apple of My Eye

This weekend I joined the great unwashed mobile masses by purchasing an iPhone 3GS. Okay, I can't lie: I was really excited to get the phone; I've been wanting an iPhone 3GS since it came out this summer and have felt like the only kid on the block without one, so I finally feel like part of the in-crowd.

Of course, the first thing I did once I got it home was start downloading apps: Facebook, Rotten Tomatoes, etc...

...which got me to thinking about the IPhone Developer Program.

A Standard account in the Developer Program is $99, which gives you access to app development tools, testing tools, and the App Store - where you can sell your app or give it away for free.

Sounds great, right? One catch.

As of right now, only Mac users can use the iPhone SDK and related development tools. Well, I'm not a Mac user, nor do I intend to be anytime soon. So, what's out there for me?

Nothing. Yet.

However, Adobe announced at the MAX 2009 conference that Flash CS5 will contain a Packager for iPhone that will allow Flash developers to target their apps to the iPhone platform. According to Adobe's announcement, the Packager will compile Flash movies down to native iPhone code, and developers on any of Flash's supported authoring platforms will be able to distribute their apps in the Apple App Store (after they've joined the iPhone Developer Program, of course).

So when do we get to see Flash CS5? Well, unfortunately there will be no public beta of Flash CS5, so we'll have to wait until the retail release sometime in 2010.

Until then, I'll be waiting...

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